Logan Farm Beef

Our Products: Premium, Natural, Dry Aged Beef

Natural, Locally Raised, and Dry Aged Beef – Home grown freshness and a taste that you won’t forget!


All of our products are locally raised and naturally dry aged. Our family members directly oversee every step of the beef production process to ensure a premium product for you. No hormones, growth stimulant or antibiotics are used. You can learn more about our commitment by reading Our Promise.

Why dry age?

We dry age our beef and we do it for the same reason old time butchers used to let a carcass hang: it naturally tenderizes and enhances the flavor of the beef. Just like high end steak houses dry age their center steak portions, we dry age the entire carcass, taking all of our cuts to a superior level of tenderness and flavor.

BeefBelow are your options for purchasing our beef:

To place an order, you may reach us over the phone at (724) 875-1472 or via our web form. All orders are available for pickup or shipping, for other orders a convenient location may be arranged for delivery. Please contact us.

PA BQA Quality BeefWe are certified as a quality assured producer by the PA Beef Council and the PA Department of Agriculture.